Propane Refills

GTN Storage now has a Propane Refilling Station

Propane Exchange Vs. Refill


Did you know that refilling your propane tank is more advantageous than exchanging it. There are  many reasons why is may be better and more convenient to have your propane tank refilled vs. exchanging it.

Cost is one factor to consider. When you exchange your propane tank whatever gas is left in the tank is simply lost and you pay for a replacement tank that is usually only filled about 3/4  full. This is because regulations that require a tank stored by exchange centers have room for expansion, so the tank that you get is not 100% full. You are wasting money on lost propane, both from what is left in your existing tank and the free space in the new tank.

When you refill your tank at our refilling station we fill it completely full for you which saves you money sometimes up to $1.50 or more per gallon.

We have professional staff to fill your propane for you on the spot and we can refill your grill tanks, which are usually 20 pound tanks, we also can fill RV tanks, simply pull up and let us fill it for you, 33.3 pound fork lift propane tanks, 40 pound tanks, 100 pound propane tanks, and bulk propane.


Contact us today for more details or simply stop by to get your tank refilled!